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Hi visitors ! Busy with my dynamic projects.Check them below:

Thanks for visiting my site.Mentioned below are some, dynamic projects & once they are completed,this blog will be reinvented from Scratch…

Below, there are some links & the tastes/preferences list.Visit any site based on your taste/preference & you will never ever regret that,-“Shubham”

  1. For  Movies Enthusiasts:  (Watch  Trailers,  Read  IMDB  Ratings ,Movie  casts &  Download  Poster  of  all Latest  Hollywood,Bollywood,and  any  Cinema’s  flicks)

2. For  Music  Enthusiasts :  (  Search  your  favourite  Radio  Station  based  on  your  country ,tastes,  categories(Top 20  etc.) ,  download  srt  file ,open  with  VLC  Media  Player &  there  you  go…………)

3. For  SEO  (Contains  unique  55  +  Tools for Webmasters  with  both Basic  as  well as  Advanced  Tool  Set)

4. Online  Gaming Enthusiasts: (Do you  love  puzzles,if  not  try  it  &  you  will  really  fall  for  it.Still  don’t get  to  2048  for  a  block.Why  don’t  use  our  Cheat  tool   :)  )

5. For Web  (My  first  site  &  most  adorable  one  too,  with  lot  of  great   stuff  like   Mario  Game,  Rutherford  Scattering  using  Javascript  etc. &* beware  lot  of  404’s  toooo………)

If  you  liked  any  of  them, leave  your  comments  below  & may  be  we  can  have  a  coffee   at  your  place  :)


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